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3 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Your articles are interesting, but if you want to attract a younger audience, I would suggest you use someone a bit younger than Lana in your pics. We younger viewers really can’t relate at such an elderly level or at least give us a bit more exposure.

      • Lana suggested I submit some sort of review of the Korean restaurant we ate at yesterday. Far be it for me to do that. I leave the evaluation of specific restaurants to the experts like Lana. No, I confine my remarks to the overall dog eat dog (I hope not) restaurant scene and my experiences. Now you have to understand the views are strictly my own and in no way heavy influenced by El Chong. I have enjoyed Asian cuisine over many years now. And in the experience of enjoying this culture become somewhat, if I say so modestly, become a master at the use of chopsticks. My blue eyed friends are constantly commenting on this ability. Well….I was recently amazed while dining at a local Chinese restaurant when a young man consumed an entire meal, including the clear broth with just one chopstick! I quietly asked the food server for a fork.
        After eating countless servings of his delicious chicken, I began to wonder just who General Tso really was. So I took the time to look the gent up on Wikipedia. I think it will come as a surprise, as it did to me, that General Tso was Colonel Sanders commanding officer! It was Tso that actually promoted Sanders to the rank of “bird” colonel.
        No, I am just a pedestrian on the walk of Asian food. One thing that I really enjoy is the fortune cookies. It never ceases to amaze me as to how the author of these gems can be so amazingly accurate in their predictions. I recently opened my cookie and read that “your hunger has been satisfied”. Now how did the writer know that? On top of that, the chance of the food server bringing that particular cookie to my plate – amazing. I am not contending that every fortune cookie is spot on. I remember getting one that said “The laundry will lose your green Isod shirt with the french cuffs and the pink buttons next week” Actually it was 2 weeks.

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