Mayflower: Chinese Food Done Right

Friend 1: “I’m hungry, what do you feel like eating?”

Friend 2: “Hmm… Chinese sounds pretty good.”

Friend 1: “OK, lets see, uhhhhh… what about the sweet and sour chicken, broccoli beef,”

Friend 2: “Oh, yeah, and some chicken chow mien, and…”

WHOA. Stop right there. That is NOT what you want to order at a Chinese restaurant. First of all, go to a place where you see other Chinese people eating. This picture was taken at my last visit to Mayflower Chinese restaurant in Sacramento.


The place was empty when we first got there. Then all of sudden, a huge bus load of people came in. They were all tourists from China. That’s right, tourists. From China. And they all dipped into Mayflower to eat. Now, THAT’S an “AYAH!” approved restaurant.

Let me explain: Mayflower looks like your typical banquet style Chinese restaurant. But the difference is in the service. Owner, Sam, is the sweetest guy around. He’s extremely attentive, accommodating, always has a smile on his face and just wants everyone to leave with one too. If you call ahead of time, you can bring items to him, like fish, and the kitchen will cook it for you. He’ll even shop for a special item to prepare just for you. And when we go eat there, we go all in. Here’s what we ordered:

Pay-pah:  Deep-fried tofu stuffed with seafood, shrimp and scallops over a bed of baby bok choy. This is an off-menu item (and you must call ahead). It’s easily one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Such great texture and flavor! And Mayflower is the only restaurant I know that does it.

Deep fried flounder. Yum! Ask the server to de-bone it for you and dig in!


Steamed pork patty with salty fish.

Oh, and there were vegetable too. We brought in this Chinese baby broccoli, which the staff cooked for us.
And there was even more! But you get the point. Next time, take a chance and try something new! You might be pleasantly surprised! But definitely go check out Mayflower Chinese restaurant at 3022 L. Street in Sacramento. And tell Sam we sent you!
Credit to the lovely Lana Chong for her help with this post.

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